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THANK YOU, NEXT! 2021 New Year, New Content!


I know I’m in good company in saying ‘Thank You, Next!’ to 2020. This has been such a difficult year for so many people physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am so grateful to have wonderful family and friends (online and offline!) who have supported me through the tough moments of 2020. While 2020 has been one of the hardest years, it has also been the year that I was able to connect with some many people virtually through Medals & Tiaras. I am SO FORTUNATE to belong to such an incredible community and I cannot imagine my life without this community.


In 2021 I have decided to lean in and share even more in hopes that my experience can help others. I will be testing new ways to connect and share through my website, Instagram, and YouTube channel. To kick things off, in January I will be sharing my tips, tricks, and resources related to a new theme each week! These weekly themes are topics I receive the most questions about, and my goal is to create a guide/more resources for runners that's easily accessible and digestible.

Starting on January 4th, I will be discussing Running 101. Each weekday you can expect 'Running 101' related Instagram posts and associated daily blogs on my website. At the end of the week, most likely Sunday’s, I will post a YouTube video discussing that week’s theme and each daily topic within that theme.


I’m always open to feedback and I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction/engagement from this content trial in January! To get the most out of this content, be sure you’re subscribed to both my website and YouTube channel as well as following me on Insta! See ya in 2021! <3

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