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My Facial Skincare Must-Haves For An Active Lifestyle

Sweat, sun, wind & altitude, these are all things I put my skin through on a daily basis. Genetics has a huge role in our skin, but I have found that a consistent and sustainable routine can make a world of difference. I love learning about others (REAL) routines, so I hope you enjoy a look into mine!


Does anyone actually run with their hair down? It may go without saying but be sure your hair is up and out of your face. I take this one step further and tuck my ponytail into a bun while exercising. The mixture of your hair’s natural oils, hair products, and sweat is NOT a good combination for clear skin. Additionally, whether it's sunny or cloudy, summer or winter, it's important to wear sunscreen. Find an easy, everyday wearable sunscreen that fits into your routine.


My skin is on the drier side and does best when it has been properly moisturized. As a black woman, my hair is also similar in being on the naturally drier side. As I do with my haircare, I also use the LOC method to maintain my skin’s moisture:


  • EVERY MORNING/PRE-RUN: After washing my face (with Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser) I spray my witch hazel facial mist, wait for it to dry, and then apply Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer Sunscreen (SPF 30).

  • POST RUN: After returning from my run, I shower, wash my face again with Origins, and then begin the LOC method. I first use my witch hazel spray, wait for it to dry, then apply the Rodan & Fields serum. I give the serum the most time to set (I usually make coffee, watch some news, etc.), then finish with the Kiehl’s facial cream.

  • EVENING: A few hours before bed, I’ll remove any makeup I was wearing and then use the witch hazel spray again. I’ll then switch my night oil, Kiehls Midnight Recovery. And you guessed it, after letting it set, I apply Kiehl’s facial cream.


I’ll throw in the occasional Korean face mask or eye product, but I don’t consider these to be part of my everyday routine. There are many many ways to take care of your skin and I find my routine to be sustainable not only at home, but also when I travel. As with running, your skin will never get the full benefits of a product if you only use it once!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission.

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