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Special Focus: Peloton For Runners - Running 102 Series

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love my Peloton! As a runner, it's a great way to incorporate a low impact, but at times high-intensity workout into my overall fitness routine. With a few months of classes under my belt with my new bike, I feel it's time to discuss how I've been using it and how it has impacted my running.


I love using my Peloton as cross-training for my running. It's a great way to add a low-impact exercise to my routine and with so many classes, I can customize my workout to how my body is feeling that day. I use the cycling classes as an opportunity for cardio gains to support my running and overall fitness. The climb & HIIT classes are a great way to build quad & gluteal (booty!) strength to help me power up San Francisco hills. And the low impact classes are great for recovery post-run or as part of light exercise during a rest day (if you're feeling up to it!).

In 2019 I had access to open/public Peloton bikes in my apartment buildings gym, which is where I first discovered the bikes. After taking my first class, I quickly begin to incorporate it into my training for the 2020 Dopey Challenge. During this time I almost exclusively took classes that were 45+ mins long and higher intensity (HIIT classes and others). My goal was to get my heart rate to a similar level it would be if I were running and to keep it that high for a similar amount of time as my run. As I started to enter the longer distances (running for 1hr+) I leaned more on the HIIT classes rather than trying to find super long Peloton classes. I also took low impact classes (15min classes mostly) during my recovery days or immediately after a long run. This helped jump start my recovery and flush out the lactic acid building up in my legs.


I have 3 favorite instructions that I struggle to break away from lol! Pretty much any of the classes from Alex Toussaint, Cody Rigsby, and Aly Love are on my list! I love their energy, positive and fun messages during class, and their interaction on social media (I almost passed out when Aly Love liked a few of my photos on insta). Once COVID is in our rear-view mirror, I hope to attend one of their live classes in NYC!


In addition to the cycling classes, there are so many other classes to take that can benefit your running. While I need to make more of an effort to incorporate all class types into my routine, I have been loving the yoga content (Metallica Power Yoga? Sign me up!). They even have guided outdoor running content, which, again, I need to utilize more but only have good things to say about it.


I’m so glad that I made the (steep) investment of getting a Peloton. I can imagine myself utilizing the bike and Peloton’s content for many years to come, especially as a running supplement. Feel free to add me on Peloton if you take the classes, I’m @MedalsandTiaras. I've also started a group/hashtag called Pedals & Tiaras! One of my goals for this year is to create suggested classes/stacks of classes so be sure we're connected so you don't miss out! See you on the leaderboard!

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