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Peloton Inspo: Bound Your Way To The Leaderboard!


One of my favorite ways to motivate myself to continue working out is to dress up. Whether its wearing something new or just taking a break from my go-to apparel, athletic wear is definitely in my motivational arsenal. As I pedal through my second month of owning a Peloton, I had the thought of ‘why not bound my cycling gear as I do with my running gear?’ to keep things interesting. :: lightbulb! ::


Let’s start from the beginning: after a few of my first classes with Peloton, my butt was screaming at me to invest in a pair of cycling shorts. Fun fact: as a part-time job in college, I worked at a local Pearl Izumi store (they sell incredible cycling gear) so I’m keenly aware of how expensive just a single pair of cycling shorts can be. It so happened to be Amazon Prime Day so I decided to check what shorts they had on sale. I immediately came across a pink pair on sale for only $15 (regular price is only $20) and before I knew it, they were in my cart. I was willing to risk $15 to try them out, and if they were uncomfortable, I wouldn’t feel so bad getting rid of them. Long story, short – I LOVED them and quickly bought a pair in every. single. color. (:: singing You’re Welcome in Maui’s voice :: affiliate link -


With bright colors such as blue, pink, and purple, there are so many bounding possibilities with these shorts! Check out this fun reel I created for Instagram highlighting some of the bounds you can create with the blue pair:

I hope you feel inspired to have fun with your workouts & workout clothes! Happy cycle-bounding!

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