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My Go-To Brands For Athletic Bounding

I love Disney bounding everyday outfits, but I am ESPECIALLY passionate about athletic Disney bounding. As a long(ish) distance runner, I’m always on the hunt for inspiration and motivation to keep me going. Bounding has been a great source of motivation for me because of the excitement it gives me when getting ready for a run. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, always prioritize comfort and safety above bounding. Running is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to fuss with bounded pieces. With lots of trial and error, I’ve found some amazing brands that work perfectly for the fitness bounder.


I love both of these brands for my base athletic pieces. Although each brand has its own sometimes hefty price tag, I can always count on them for top quality and fit. Since I basically live in leggings, I don’t mind spending a bit extra knowing they’re exactly what I want, and they’ll last forever. Each brand also has a wide range of colors making color bounding even easier.


Talk about the perfect shop. If you’re looking for super high-quality, Disney-inspired athletic wear then look no further. Crowned Athletics has it all for the fitness princess, from headbands and scrunchies to athletic princess tops, sports bras, and skirts, Crowned is truly a one-stop-shop. I add more things to my shopping cart from here than I’d like to admit, but it also helps that I have a shareable 10% discount code. Check out this incredible small-shop and if you see something you like (you will!) you can use my code: Tiaras10.


Ever wonder where those cute butt-bow skirts are from? Dottie for Running creates the cutest skirts on the market – hands down! And you guessed it, they’re made for runners! Choose your favorite character and you’ll find (or they can even custom-make) the perfect skirt for your next bound. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect. They are the perfect length to wear alone or over shorts or leggings, the material is heavy enough that it doesn’t fly around like crazy, and the fit is impeccable so it doesn’t ride up when you’re running. Again, let's not mention how many of these skirts I own…


Sparkle skirts are guaranteed to dress up any fitness bound. They are so easy to slip on over a pair of shorts or leggings for an instant upgrade. They come in pretty much every color and even have some special designs. Sparkle skirts were my intro to fitness bounding and I’ve stuck with them ever since!


I’m not a superstitious person, but I swear these bow bands are my lucky charm. I wear them on my Garmin watch for an added touch of magic and love coordinating them with either my mood, outfit, or race distance. Once again, let's not talk about how many I have.


There are so many incredible small shops on Etsy that specialize in runDisney and general athletic bounding apparel and accessories. Search around the site and find the perfect addition to your bound!


For officially licensed Disney goodies, these are my go-to’s – especially BoxLunch. There’s always something new to discover and incorporate into a bound, like the Safari Minnie fanny pack from BoxLunch!

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