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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Virtual Race

RunDisney and so many other race weekends are finally BACK (!) and I am so excited to toe some starting lines. And although I have a full race calendar scheduled, I can't make it in-person to all of these incredible races. One of the positive things that has come from the pandemic is the opportunity to participate in races virtually. Although the experience is not exactly the same as running the race in person, there are a few things you can do to have an awesome at-home experience!


  1. Print out race materials - When you sign up for a virtual race, there is oftentimes a virtual 'goody bag' available that has links to sponsor merch and race-specific files you can download including start/finish line signs, mile markers, your bib, and even the medal. Utilize these digital files to make your experience more magical. (Pro tip: print out the digital medal on thick cardstock paper and use a long ribbon to create a physical version to celebrate with until the real one arrives in the mail!)

  2. Connect with other virtual runners - Chances are that there will be a lot of virtual runners for any given race. Use the positive power of the internet to connect with other runners participating virtually in your race and cheer each other on!

  3. Create a course map - Map out your run before your race so that you know where your mile markers and finish line are. You could also use this as a chance to try out a new route!

  4. Have a cheer squad - Share your course map (and maybe GPS tracking with those you trust!) with your friends and family to create a cheer squad! Whether you have people cheering you on along your route or via text, your support system can help push you through to the finish line!

  5. Treat yo' self! - Have something waiting for you at your finish line to celebrate your accomplishment! This can be food, merch, anything that makes you happy! Also, if you're running the virtual component of a live race, such as a runDisney race, see if you have a willing runDisney friend who can pick something up for you at the expo and ship it!

  6. BONUS: Dress up! - I wouldn't be a Disney runner if I didn't mention dressing up! Add some extra sparkle to your virtual race by dressing as your favorite character, in line with a holiday, or coordinate with the race theme!

No matter how or where you are completing your race, you should be so proud of your achievement! For even more virtual race inspo, check out a few of my YouTube videos of previous runDisney virtual races I completed in San Francisco!

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