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10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Runners


The holidays are my favorite time of year! I love decorating my space with festive additions and hosting cozy nights in with my friends and family. Sugar and egg nog become my most important food groups and calories don’t count in December…right? Well in between cookies and nog, you may be wondering what gifts to get your loved ones. Whether you have a family full of runners or your family has no idea what to get a runner, this list of 10 runner-friendly items should set you or your loved ones on the right path.


  1. Athletic Face Masks. Help your runner stay safe with athletic face masks. Buff has some great options as well as Under Armour and Adidas.

  2. Running Hydration Gels. It's crazy how fast these run out especially for those training for longer distances. Refresh your runners' stock for the holidays!

  3. Race Medal Hanger. These hangers allow racers to show off all of their hard work.

  4. Special Race Medal Display. Commemorate a special race with a framed display for all to see! Lasting Commemoratives creates some of my favorite designs.

  5. Compression or Athletic Socks. Because you can never have enough.

  6. Running Headphones. Upgrade the runner in your life by gifting them new, running specific headphones. No bounce = life-changing.

  7. Music Subscription. Don’t let your runner get bored by their usual playlist. Get them a music subscription so that they never run out of new songs.

  8. Running Watch. A good running watch is a gamechanger. Stats tracked by these incredible devices can help your runner get to the next level.

  9. Race Entry. The runner in your life likely spends hundreds of dollars each year on race entry fees. Help our running and race addiction by offsetting the price of 1 or more races!

  10. Disney+. Because every rest day should involve Baby Yoda.


I hope this list is helpful in finding the perfect gift for the runner in your life! Wishing you all the best holiday season!

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